NEW – The Express Money Guide to Equity Release

NEW – The Express Money Guide to Equity Release

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The Express Money Equity Release Service is provided by Age Partnership

The Express Money Equity Release Service is provided by Age Partnership (Image: Johnny Greig)

Whether it’s repaying your mortgage so you don’t have to worry about making monthly repayments, or just making life more secure for the future, the FREE Express Money guide will arm you with the tools you need to make an informed decision.

Request your FREE copy of the Express Money Guide, to find out more about:

  Equity release and the different types of mortgages available

  Things to consider

  How to make the most of your retirement

  A “step-by-step” of how to release equity

The Express Money Equity Release Service is provided by Age Partnership, the UKs largest equity release broker1, who have a large team of fully qualified advisors available to speak to you over the phone at a time that suits you. Your advisor will explore all of your options with you and will tell you everything you need to know about equity release, including the effect on the amount of inheritance you can leave and if your entitlement to means-tested benefits could be affected now or in the future.

Could equity release be right for you?

There are lots of reasons that people choose to release equity from their homes. For many people who still have a mortgage on their home, equity release allows them to repay their existing mortgage, which in turn frees up more disposable income as they’re no longer making monthly repayments.

You don’t have to have a mortgage in order to release equity from your home. As long as you’re aged 55 or over and own your own home you can apply to release some of the tax free cash from your home.

In the last 3 months, we have seen an increase in the number of people releasing equity in order to provide a gift of cash to their loved ones. Whilst some people are still thinking about those home improvements that they’d like to make.

Accessing the cash

Whatever your reason for releasing equity from you’re your home.

There are lots of different ways that you can choose to access the tax-free cash that you release.

There are plans that allow you to access your money as a monthly income over a set length of time. A bit like receiving a salary in your bank account each month.

Other plans allow you to take out a single lump sum of cash, if you have a need for a large volume of money in one payment.

While drawdown plans allow you to access a lump sum and also have access to a reserve of cash that you could call upon at a later date for emergencies, or whatever you wish.

A specially trained advisor can talk through all of these options with you to find the best plan for your individual circumstances.

Order your Express Money guide today and it will delivered straight to your door free of charge.

Can I still access equity release during the current climate?

Specialist equity release broker, Age Partnership is now carrying out all of their appointments either over the phone or via their video based advice service.

Their advisors will help you to access their services through whichever method you feel comfortable with.

What’s more their service is now open seven days a week, to help you find out if equity release could be a financial solution for you.

Why choose the Express Money Equity Release Service provided by Age Partnership?

•   Access to impartial and independent advice

•   A FREE quotation without any obligation to proceed

•   Your own dedicated advisor to help you along the way

•   Appointments available over the phone at a time that suits you

•   Exclusive plans and features from leading lenders

What’s involved?

Plans from the whole of the market will be considered, the features mentioned and the amounts raised, are subject to the lender’s criteria, terms and conditions.

These may take into account age, health and lifestyle factors in order to provide you with an enhanced amount.

Equity release requires paying off any existing mortgage.

Any money released, plus accrued interest, would be repaid upon death or moving into long-term care.

Equity release may involve a home reversion plan or a lifetime mortgage, which is secured against your property. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

We provide initial advice for free and without obligation. Only if you choose to proceed and your case completes would a typical fee of 2.25 percent of the amount released be payable (minimum £1,695).

1Based on volume of plans, 2018 – Q2 2020.

Correct at the time of going to print.

Case study (from brochure)

Mr and Mrs Kelly

After seeing the Age Partnership television advert, Mr and Mrs Kelly were keen to find out how equity release could help them.

Releasing money from their home to repay their mortgage would provide them with peace of mind and one less worry in life.

Naturally, they first discussed their intentions with their family: “Our son and daughter were extremely supportive, along with our granddaughter who also lived with us at the time”.

With the encouragement from their family, they decided to go ahead and speak to an advisor.

Mrs Kelly said, “We have absolutely no complaints – the advisor was extremely helpful and kept us up to date throughout.”

With such a positive experience the first time, the couple decided to come back to Age Partnership:

“We knew we had access to additional funds and wanted to carry out some much needed home improvements.”

Mr and Mrs Kelly highlighted how important it was that equity release gave them the guarantee that they can remain in their home for the rest of their lives, so being able to carry out a few renovations has given them a comfortable life, one that they can enjoy with their family.

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