iPhone 11 release confirmed – Apple fans could be treated to these new features soon

iPhone 11 release confirmed – Apple fans could be treated to these new features soon

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Apple iPhone 11 release will take place later this month (Image: APPLE • MOBILE FUN)

The wait for the next iPhone 11 is almost over.

revealed late last week that it will unveil this next generation device to the world on September 10 at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino.

In an invite sent out to media, the US technology giant and also offered a tease with it featuring the words “By innovation only.”

A picture of the famous Apple logo is also included with some speculating that this resembles the colourful options currently found on the cheaper iPhone XR.

As with all previous iPhone launches, Apple continues to stay tight-lipped about what is coming later this month but here’s everything we think will feature on the new iPhone 11.

TRIPLE REAR CAMERA • It’s possibly the biggest change coming to the new iPhone and this camera update could prove hugely popular.

Many leaks and renders have revealed that Apple’s next flagship will have a trio of lenses on its rear case.

If true, it means fans could be offered the chance to shoot photos with improved zoom and a wide-angle lens.

Some reports have also suggested that night photography will be upgraded with the new iPhone able to produce much clearer images without the need for a flash.

Every year the iPhone’s camera gets a little better but, if the latest rumours are true, 2019 could see a massive bump in performance.

Apple iPhone 11 release

The invite sent out to media features the words “By innovation only” (Image: APPLE)

IT WILL PROBABLY BE FASTER • The iPhone is already one of the fastest devices on the market but expect it to get even quicker in 2019.

Apple always bumps the performance of its smartphones and we’re expecting another boost when the devices are unveiled next month.

Along with the A12 Bionic processor getting upgraded, we can also expect the display to be more responsive and Face ID getting slicker at unlocking the device.

BATTERY BOOST AND A NEW FEATURE • Many Apple fans will be hoping the iPhone’s battery will last a little longer.

If the firm can cram a bigger power pack inside and also make the processor more efficient then that’s a big possibility.

Along with extra life, it’s also possible that reverse wireless charging will appear on the iPhone 11.

Some Android devices already feature this technology which allows them to refill other phones and accessories by simply being placed on the case.

Apple Pencil support

Apple Pencil support could arrive on the iPhone 11 (Image: MOBILE FUN)

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 could feature 3 rear cameras (Image: MOBILE FUN)

IT MAY GET APPLE PENCIL SUPPORT • Many of these changes have been swirling the web for a while, however, there’s now one new leak which is claiming the next Apple smartphone will get a surprise update.

Mobile Fun has released images of a case which includes a clip for a mini Apple Pencil.

Although not confirmed this could mean a stylus is coming to the iPhone which would allow users to scribble on the screen without using their finger.

Apple already has a larger Pencil which is available for its iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets but this would be the first time such an upgrade has appeared on its mobile devices.

We’ll have to wait and see if this becomes a reality but it would mark a dramatic change from the US tech firm.

IT COULD BE A LOT STRONGER • Most Apple iPhone fans will have experienced the nightmare of dropping and smashing their precious device.

However, things could be about to get better for those who are a little prone to accidents.

Bloomberg is speculating that Apple’s latest devices will boast “new shatter-resistance technology” that should allow them to “hold up better when they’re dropped”.

Most contemporary premium smartphones are made of front and rear glass panels with either an aluminium or stainless steel band sandwiched in-between.

While this certainly gives off a feeling of quality, it can be somewhat problematic if owners drop their device without a case.

The report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is looking to minimise these issues with fresh materials for its most premium smartphones.

It is currently unclear how the American firm’s claimed “shatter-resistance technology” will work and what kind of added protection it will provide against drops.

New iPhone XR

The new iPhone XR could feature a dual-lens camera (Image: MOBILE FUN)

THE IPHONE XR COULD GET A BIG UPDATE • The XR was announced last year with it offering customers the chance to get an all-screen iPhone at a cheaper price.

Along with that lower cost, the fact that it’s packed with features, fast processor and colourful design has made the XR a hugely popular device.

Now it seems this Apple smartphone might be getting even better with a recently leaked image revealing a big update could be inbound.

The photos show a camera protector which can be used the cover the lenses to stop them getting scratched.

Whilst the current XR has a single lens, it appears that the next generation might get a dual-lens rear snapper.

This would be a hugely welcomed addition as it would bring improved photography to this phone including being to take more images using the Portrait mode.

The current XR does include this DSLR-style depth of field focus feature but you can only use it when the phone spots a human face which does limit its capabilities.

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