Canon reimagines the shutter button: say hello to the 'shutter touchpad'

Canon reimagines the shutter button: say hello to the 'shutter touchpad'

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A camera’s shutter button is the most ubiquitous part of a photographer’s life. You can’t take a photograph without that button, and it’s also the one camera element that hasn’t seen any innovation in decades.

Canon, however, is looking to change that. A new patent application discovered by Canon News describes a touchpad that can potentially replace the traditional shutter button. If the tech described in the filing eventually comes to fruition, it could be as big a game changer as the touchscreens we’ve now gotten used to on modern cameras.

The patent, which was filed in Japan last week, details a touch-sensitive surface that’s capable of identifying both direction of movement as well as amount of pressure applied. And, if the diagram below is anything to go by, this touchpad will sit where the shutter button is usually positioned (see area 61).

(Image credit: Canon/JPO)

According to the filing, this touch panel will be able to determine the duration of pressure, so it’s possible it could identify a half press to find focus, and then a full press to release the shutter.

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