Best lightweight, cordless drills under £100 in the UK 2021

Best lightweight, cordless drills under £100 in the UK 2021

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Unless you’re doing some really heavy-duty work, you don’t need a bulky, corded drill. Having a lightweight model you can easily carry around with you will make the task at hand seem far less laborious, and will enable you to get the job done quicker.

Whether you’re hanging photo frames or putting together a desk, having a drill on hand will make these everyday tasks far easier than doing everything manually – and you’ll soon realise a good drill is something every household should have on hand. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly, lightweight model, we’ve rounded up Amazon’s best selling options that come in at under £100.

best lightweight drills UK

10 best selling drills under £100 (Image: Amazon)

Bosch 3603JA8002 IXO Set Cordless Screwdriver

Bosch 3603JA8002 IXO Set Cordless Screwdriver (Image: Amazon)

4.7 stars from 9,992 ratings

Bosch is one of the most trusted tool brands on the market, offering high-quality models at reasonable prices.

This IXO screwdriver is a simple, lightweight tool that can handle all the essential DIY tasks that pop up around the home.

Key specifications:

– USB charging capabilities.

– Angle and odd-set angle adapter.

– Control and rotational direction selector switch.

– Included accessories: IXO cordless screwdriver, angle adapter, 10 screwdriver pieces, metal case.

Promising review:

“Absolutely brilliant. I already have a cordless drill and an impact driver so why do I need another – and a much less powerful one too? The reason is that it is so small, lightweight and less powerful. I needed a drill or screwdriver for fixing hanging fittings to picture frames. My other ones were far too powerful for this lightweight job. This is exactly what I needed. I purchased it with the drill adapter and torque setting attachment. I was a little concerned about how easy it would be to swap these over, particularly it was a bit fiddly getting the end off it to fit them. I needn’t have worried – the attachments are very easy to attach and detach by twisting the collar. It is just the right size and power and fits easily in the hand. It may not have the “oomph” of my impact driver but it is a perfect complement to the other tools”.

RRP: £62, on sale now for £59.95 – you save £2.05

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Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18 V ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill Starter Kit

Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18 V ONE Cordless Combi Drill Starter Kit (Image: Amazon)

4.8 stars from 2,390 ratings

This cordless drill has been designed to best work with metal, wood, masonry, plastic, plasterboard, ceramic, and tiles.

As the drill is compatible with all standard drilling and screw driving bits, you won’t have to worry about having to search high and low for the right accessories.

Key specifications:

– Three functions: drill, hammer drill, and screwdriver.

– LED light for accuracy.

– Ratcheting chuck for grip strength.

– 24 torque settings.

– Lithium-ion battery and charger.

– Two speed gearbox.

Promising review:

“Heavier than the Makita products but my god this product is amazing! Great price, great product, works really well and has been amazing. I heard this product was good from friends and the internet, they were all right, cheaper than the competition and on the same level as the competition. Ensure you buy good quality screw sets and drill pieces as that is where DIY fails. Also, this came with a Philips and flat headpiece which was handy and it magnetically stays on the drill set”.

RRP: £74.99

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MYLEK MY18VCB 18V Cordless Driver-Lithium Ion Drill Set

MYLEK MY18VCB 18V Cordless Driver-Lithium Ion Drill Set (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 2,674 ratings

This handy multipurpose tool comes with 13 accessories that ensure you have everything you need to tackle all the jobs around your home and garden.

The various settings of this device allow you to smoothly penetrate wood, metal, and other surfaces with ease.

Key specifications:

– One speed.

– LED light for accuracy.

– Forward and reverse drilling options.

– 18-volt battery.

Included accessories: six twist drills, six screwdriver bits, and one LED light.

Promising review:

“Bought for my husband who is a Carpenter as his drill got stolen. He was a little apprehensive as he didn’t know the brand but when he came home he was full of praise. He liked it very much. Said it was as good as any of the other expensive brand names out there and works really well. He’s now very happy”.

RRP: £31.95

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Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion Combi Drill

Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion Combi Drill (Image: Amazon)

4.4 stars from 8,634 ratings

This versatile, ergonomic cordless drill comes with 13 accessories and is perfect for both those new to DIY and experienced builders.

Key specifications:

– 18-volt battery.

– Variable speed pressure trigger.

– Forward and reverse drilling options.

– 16 torque settings.

– Included accessories: one magnet holder, six drill bits, two Pozi-drive screwdriver attachments, two Phillips screwdriver attachments, and two slotted screwdriver attachments.

Promising review:

“I took time to choose a drill as I had never used one before. The reviews seemed good for this one and somebody mentioned having never used a drill before and how easy it was to use, so it seemed ideal for me. I used it for the first time yesterday and was absolutely delighted at how easy it was to use, from fixing the drill bits in place to adjusting the speed. I put the speed down to 1 and it was slow but steady, which was perfect for me. I had a practice on an old piece of wood before attempting to drill something more important. Overall very pleased I chose this drill and I would recommend it for any DIY novice”.

RRP: £44.99, on sale now for £36.99 – you save £8

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Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 cordless combi drill

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 cordless combi drill (Image: Amazon)

4.8 stars from 11,073 ratings

As this tool has the ability to act as a screwdriver, drill, and impact drill, you’re really getting multiple tools in one handy device.

The multiple torque settings to choose from means you have the freedom to work with different materials and surfaces without causing damage.

Key specifications:

– Three-in-one screwdriver, drill, and impact drill.

– 18-volt battery.

– 20 torque settings.

– Included accessories: PSB 1800 LI-2, two batteries, charger, screwdriver bit, and carry case.

Promising review:

“Absolutely brilliant for all household DIY jobs. To hold, it just fits in your hand perfectly. Can’t imagine a better-weighted drill than this. Any serious DIY’er needs a good quality portable drill, and this one fits the bill perfectly!”.

RRP: £104.99, on sale now for £97.04 – you save £7.95

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MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver

MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 2,596 ratings

Handy and ergonomic, this drill has a variable speed trigger that makes it quicker and easier than ever to get your jobs done without having to stop and fiddle with the settings, as well as a multitude of torque settings so you can always adjust the drill for the material you’re working with.

Key specifications:

– 18-volt battery.

– LED work light.

– 19 torque settings.

– Two speeds.

– Variable speed trigger.

– One-hour quick charge.

– Included accessories: carry case, 1300mAh Li-ion battery pack, six twist drills, six Cr-V bits, one bit holder.

Promising review:

“Bought for my husband for his birthday. I have it on good assurance from my better half that this is one of the best cordless drills he has owned and in his opinion could hold its own against many of the higher end makes on the market. The quality and build of the drill are superb. He has used it many times already and prefers it to any other he owns due to it not being too heavy plus the charge lasts forever. One of the best features is how quickly the drill charges. It charges from flat to full in 1 hour. Such a good buy.”

RRP: £39.45, on sale now for £37.95 – you save £1.50

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Hanmatek Electric Screwdriver

Hanmatek Electric Screwdriver (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 1,006 ratings

Weighing in at less than half a kilo, this is the ultimate lightweight drill for smaller DIY jobs around the home and garden – think more flat pack furniture assembly and light maintenance than intense renovations.

Key specifications:

– 3.6 volts.

– LED lighting for accuracy and safety.

– Switch between forward and reverse rotation.

– Compact size.

Promising review:

“This product is very good as there are a lot of different heads and quick charge time. The battery lasts very long and can be used for many thing and usage. This product works well at home”.

RRP: £21.99, on sale now for £16.14 – you save £5.85

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Goxawee Cordless Screwdriver Drill Set

Goxawee Cordless Screwdriver Drill Set (Image: Amazon)

4.5 stars from 18 ratings

This comprehensive drill set comes with all the bells and whistles. The included accessories come with everything you need for your next DIY project.

Key specifications:

– Two speeds.

– 15 torque settings.

– Ergonomic design.

– Included accessories: two rechargeable batteries, one quick charger, one flexible shaft, one drill brush, nine socket wrenches, six screwdriver bits, one hex adapter, one hex extension holder, three brad point drills, three HSS-R metal drills, one carbide drills, 27 screw in pieces, one toolbox.

Promising review:

“This is a very good drill. It’s very light and handy and can do all the work that you need in no time. The battery lasts a very long time. It’s handling screws even better than drilling. You have all the bits that you need in the pack together with some very useful tools to reach screws in tight spaces. I’m very happy with this purchase”.

RRP: £29.99

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SPARES2GO Cordless Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver

SPARES2GO Cordless Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver (Image: Amazon)

4.2 stars from 1,158 ratings

This cordless rechargeable screwdriver and drill comes with 25 accessories that make up a handy kit that should cover all your essential DIY jobs.

Key specifications:

– 4.8 volts.

– Forward and reverse drilling options.

– Included accessories: five Phillips bits, five flat bits, four tox bits, four hex bits, three Pozi drive bits, one extension tool, three HSS twist drill bits.

Promising review:

“This is a handy little gadget and I would recommend it. It’s lightweight but strong enough to do most little jobs around the house and garden”.

RRP: £13.69

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Tacklife Cordless Drill Driver

Tacklife Cordless Drill Driver (Image: Amazon)

4.4 stars from 135 ratings

The ability of this cordless drill has to switch from screwing, drilling, and hammer drilling makes it a versatile and handy tool to have at your disposal.

You can switch from low speeds for greater accuracy and high speeds to speed things up, so you can adjust the tool to your needs.

Key specifications:

– 18 volts.

– Two speed settings.

– Three modes: screwing, drilling, or hammer drilling.

– One hour fast charging.

– In-built LED light.

Promising review:

“Fantastic drill driver. Powerful and versatile. Easy to use long with a long battery life”.

RRP: £49.99, on sale now for £28.89 – you save £21.10

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